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Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal – What to Consider

The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal Choice Checklist

Picking the right digital marketing agency in Portugal has several challenges. There you are, on the other side of the world, looking for marketing professionals who know the local market and can help you thrive. A simple Google query will deliver numerous results on the best digital marketing agency in Portugal, their list of services, alongside numerous sponsored sites.

In this article, we’ll help you pick the best digital marketing agency in Portugal with a thorough checklist, adapted to your businesses’ needs. In the end we might be cheeky and suggest you contact us, but regardless of your pick, we want to ensure you can find the best service in the country which meets your specific requirements.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal – Defining Best

Picking the Top Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal

We’re not particularly fond of the word best. Best can mean many things, from the ability to deliver outstanding customer service to a quick turnaround, or being able to operate with quality supported on a very low budget.

A digital marketing agency in Portugal may not come around as cheap as you might imagine. Rising costs in the country over the past two, three years, mean that prices are now 25-30% more expensive than they were back then. Does that mean digital marketing services in Portuguese are expensive? As always, it depends on where you’re based. We’ll break it down in detail for you in a bit.

Our advice is to start by considering what your business needs are and whether the agencies you’re targetting have enough experience or a network of professionals who may be able to deliver on your requirements. We’re the first to say it: we can’t possibly deliver expertise in every possible industry. However, we tackled this with a large network of highly qualified professionals who help us.

On the wider marketing field, we feel comfortable. Our Portuguese content services help dozens of clients create, translate, proofread, localize and adapt their content to meet the specifics of our market and its several business areas. An agency which can help break down their experience in related projects is something you can and should consider in your hiring processes.

A Top Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal Should be a Long-term Partner

The Best Results for Businesses Looking to Hire Digital Marketing Services in Portugal

While working as a digital marketing agency in Portugal, we’ve had our fair share of short-term projects and unique requests. We welcome test tasks and charge less for those deliverables, sometimes even sparing free advice to ensure those who approach us can find what they’re after.

A top digital marketing agency in Portugal will prefer a long-term partnership, and there are numerous reasons for that. Let us explain through an example. Company A hired us to deliver a long-term project in the AI field. Even though most of us were already experienced in that particular field, we hired two experts to help us out for that long-term project.

From the client’s side, it’s normal to expect full availability on a short notice. For an agency, there is a lot of work to do even before the first task kicks off. Besides adjusting schedules and ongoing projects, it’s paramount to ensure the right capacity at the right time. The tighter the budget, the harder it is to obtain experts quickly – as with any business line.

Our suggestion is the following: allow as much time as possible for your agency partner to adapt and deliver. The best digital marketing agency in Portugal should do their best in explaining how long they require getting their plan in order. We tend to feel this pressure across our content management services, which demand a deeper technical knowledge of your business and its platforms.

Price Always Matters

We understand this, and that’s why we share a base price for each of our services, to help you understand what our digital marketing agency in Portugal charges. Starting prices mean that budgets are adapted to project span and dimension, and the larger the team and resources, the more it should cost.

Mark the word should, as there are many differences across projects and deliverables. The simpler your request, the more we can meet our starting price or even offer you a discount. That said, our value proposition is still interesting: for the price of one or two in-house professionals, you get a team with local expertise looking after your content marketing needs.

And since these projects are adaptable over time, it means you don’t have to pay for what you’re not using. Any agency will look to sign clients for prices that start at $5,000 to $10,000, but we prefer to deliver budgets that meet your needs. Naturally, we welcome transparency from the client’s side, and if you have a figure in mind, it helps us tell you what we can and can’t do for you. As always, we follow the highest ethical considerations and will never try to hard sell you our services.

Picking a Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal – Checklist

As promised in the beginning of this article, we will now deliver a quick checklist to help you pick the top digital marketing agency in Portugal. We want you to succeed, whether through our services or someone else’s. Our goal is to elevate the overall quality of online platforms in our country, and we know that’s only possible through businesses wishing to invest in Portugal.

Without further due, let’s dig into it:

  • Expertise: Does the agency possess expertise in your industry or the right network to deliver?
  • Services: The range of services should be in line with your requirements. If something’s missing, don’t hesitate in asking. Not all agencies opt to list every aspect of their services on their website.
  • Portfolio: Is there an available portfolio that matches your expectations?
  • Reputation: Are existing clients happy with the agency and their service?
  • Technology: Does the marketing agency have the right tools and is up-to-date with the latest developments to deliver the best results?
  • Customization: Can the agency tailor its strategy and services to your requirements?
  • Communication: Is the team responsive and adequately answering your queries with the appropriate solutions?
  • Price: Does the pricing structure meet your budget? Is the agency open to adjusting prices to your requirements?
  • Results: Can the agency provide you with hard data to help you make a decision?

The Right Choice at Your Disposal

The previous topics should be more than enough to help you make an informed decision and pick the best digital marketing agency in Portugal. Our opinion is that the local market lacks boutique and middle-sized options that are able to adapt to their clients.

Regardless of your choice, we are here to help. We invite you to contact us directly and ask your questions, or whether we have any suggestions regarding your needs. Our modus operandi in the marketing world is to assist everyone in the best possible way. Sometimes that means signing on new clients, others it’s about recommending an agency for a specific service we don’t offer.