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10Bet iGaming Operator

Description :

10Bet asked us for portuguese transcreation services. We picked up their description for English-based markets and turned it into a Brazilian Portuguese intro before the lunch of their site. It wasn't, by far, the first time we worked with iGaming clients. Their PT-BR landing page got promoted across Brazil as preparation for this new betting operator.

Client :

10Bet is an online betting platform offering sports betting, live betting, and casino games, known for its user-friendly interface, competitive odds, and diverse betting options.

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Portuguese Transcreation | EN>PT-BR Translation

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Process: Request From Client

Client contacted us through an iGaming referral with a simple task: adapt existing content for the Brazilian market.

Process: Project Specifics at Portuguese Content

Our team discussed specifics with the client, adding suggestions to further promote the brand in Brazil. These ideas were warmly received, adding more flair to the final product.

Process: Execution at Portuguese Content

The content request was processed in less than 48 hours, including proofreading and editing processes.

Process: Delivery at Portuguese Content

We delivered the materials with nothing but positive feedback, and witnessed these going online in the very same week.