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Vileda wanted to advertise a new range of products in Portugal across its website. We picked up their branding guide and translated their materials. Localization was important here due to the specific nature of these materials.

Client :

Vileda is a brand that specializes in household cleaning products. It's part of Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions, which is a division of the Freudenberg Group, a German multinational company. Vileda's product range includes items like mops, brooms, cloths, sponges, and other cleaning tools that are designed to make domestic cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. The brand is known for its innovation in cleaning technologies and solutions.

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English to Portuguese Translation | EN>PT-PT Translation | Localization

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Process: Request From Client

Client contacted us through an external agency with a simple set of tasks: adapt existing content for the Portuguese market.

Process: Project Specifics at Portuguese Content

Our team discussed specifics with the client, adding suggestions to further promote the brand in Portugal. These ideas were implemented across the final product.

Process: Execution at Portuguese Content

The content request took three weeks to produce for multiple pages, including proofreading and editing processes. Only minimal changes were requested.

Process: Delivery at Portuguese Content

We delivered all materials with extremely positive feedback, and witnessed these going online after a few weeks.